Distributed Power Module

Save up to $50,000 on a new store installation

  • Substantial installation savings
  • Increased safety, turn off the power at the case
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • One, two, and three pole versions available
  • Will work with most controllers
  • Easily customized to meet your needs
  • UL/C-UL recognized
  • Standard one year warranty
  • Use with your current Danfoss or Mercury controllers
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE based on your needs & budget!

Advance Electronic Concepts’ Distributed Power Modules pay for themselves in installation savings alone. Not only do they pay for themselves, but about half of the installation savings goes right to your bottom line. Each unit is an elegant printed circuit board solution to an often messy and difficult wiring problem. No more over-priced electrical boxes filled with “spaghetti” wiring and costly DIN rail components.

Each Distributed Power Module pays for itself by greatly reducing the cost of wiring installation versus the “old fashioned” method of running power wiring to each case. The benefits don’t stop there. By running one power line to a Distributed Power Module, each case can be turned off at its location, not in the back room. This makes for more cost-effective and safer maintenance. With dozens of off-the-shelf designs to choose from, our units will operate with most control systems currently available. Not finding a version that meets your requirements? No problem! Advance Electronic Concepts can quickly and cost-effectively create a custom solution.

Proven mechanical and solid-state relay technology provide the rock solid foundation for this robust product. Each Distributed Power Module uses top quality terminal blocks to provide exceptionally reliable interface connections. Easy access on-board fuses are provided to ensure proper protection for all your case components. When required, a rugged aluminum enclosure with multiple ½ inch and ¾ inch knock-outs can be provided. If you have a requirement to cycle a case function such as the Anti-Sweat Heaters frequently, a solid-state relay circuit can be provided to ensure a lifetime of flawless function. As dictated by your power requirements, the overall protection of the Distributed Power Module is provided by a durable main circuit breaker that also allows the case to be safely turned off for maintenance without shutting down the other cases in the row or requiring a trip to the back room.


Distributed Power Explained (click for PDF)


Every unit starts with a G7, 94V-0 rated circuit board that includes heavy duty traces and clear stencil markings to make wiring a snap. Added next are top-grade UL/C-UL recognized components sized and specified to meet your exact needs. Each assembly is precision soldered by our automated soldering system. Once complete, all units are subjected to rigorous quality control checks and are 100% tested.

Typical Specs:
Main Power Input Voltage: 120/208 VAC
Signal Input Voltage: 24 or 120 VAC
Output Voltages: 120/208 VAC
Maximum ASH Current: 15 A
Maximum Valve Current: 2.5 A
Maximum Defrost Current: 25 A Maximum Light and Fan Current: 10 A

Advance Electronic Concepts Distributed Power Modules pay for themselves and increase your profit right up front. They reduce maintenance costs and increase safety. They give a lifetime of quality service and equipment protection. Don’t delay adding money to your bottom line, contact us today!
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