Case Motion Detector/Sensor
(proximity detector/occupancy sensor)

Save up to 50% on Case Lighting Energy Costs!

  • Super sensitive, won’t leave customers in the dark
  • Patented three sensor design
  • Patent Number US 8,269,628 B2
  • True 180° sensing area
  • Independent sensitivity control for each sensor
  • User settable time delay
  • Works with Distributed Power Modules
  • Rugged mounting plate provided

Advance Electronic Concepts' Case Motion Detector provides a smart and effective way to cut Case Lighting energy costs. This easy to install, patented device can reduce the amount of power usage by up to 50%. Its unique design combined with its low cost means a very quick return on investment without compromising case appearance.

Each Case Motion Detector not only pays for itself, but also enhances your investment in LED lighting technology. Our novel design takes full advantage of the ability of LEDs to be turned on and off millions of times without detriment. Why light your cases when no one is there to see them? Every time case lights are turned off, you save money. “But what about my customers? They don’t want to see dark cases!” No problem! With the sensitivity set to high, the case lights come on before the customer gets to the case. This system will not leave your customers in the dark. Adding Case Motion Detectors to your cases couldn’t be easier. The included mounting plate allows the unit to be placed right where you need it yet allows access to the user-programmable dipswitches on the back. Two wire connections are all that is required to integrate the detector with your Distributed Power Module. Haven’t upgraded your control system yet? Not to worry! For a small additional charge, an adapter module can be provided that will connect to most lighting systems.

The heart of the Case Motion Sensor is a suite of three custom-tuned passive infrared detectors. Each one is aimed with specific azimuth and elevation angle to provide optimum coverage and a true 180° sensing area. In addition, each is fitted with a custom infrared lens to further enhance their sensitivity. A robust detection circuit monitors each sensor for a change in voltage and triggers when the change reaches a preset value. Once the circuit triggers, a small LED indicator lamp on the front of the unit is lit and the activation circuit allows sufficient current to flow to the light relay coil in the Distributed Power Module, thereby closing the circuit and turning on the lights. At this point a countdown timer starts and will deactivate the relay when it reaches zero unless there is a subsequent detection which will reset the timer. A set of five small switches on the back of the Case Motion Detector allows the user to choose the countdown timer interval (30 seconds, 1, 6, or 8 minutes), and the sensitivity of each detector (high or low). This allows each unit to be custom configured for its specific mounting location.


Passive infrared sensors, custom made for Advance Electronic Concepts by Nicera, are mounted on specially designed circuit boards that allow each one to be aimed in a specific direction. Each sensor is capped off with a custom infrared lens to maximize sensitivity. A surface mount-style circuit board holds the control circuitry and provides a mounting base for the sensor boards. This assembly is then mounted in a polymer housing that has an infrared transparent protective window that covers the sensors and the LED indicator lamp. The back of the housing has an opening that provides access to the five programming switches and two keyhole-style slots that mate with the provided mounting baseplate. A ten foot-long two-wire communication cable is included.

Like all Advance Electronic Concepts products, the Case Motion Detector will save you money. It saves on energy costs. It boosts your LED lighting investment. It pays for itself and gives a lifetime of top quality operation in return. Why wait to boost your bottom line? Contact us today!

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