Universal Display Light Fixture (horizontal)


Save up to 60% on Display Lighting Energy Costs!

  • Uniform light distribution, no hot spots
  • High efficiency Samsung LEDs
  • Generous light distribution suitable for most installations
  • Lightweight design can be mounted almost anywhere
  • Unique snap-in-place mounting feature
  • Thermal protection circuit for non-refrigeration use
  • Maintenance-free, low-profile design
  • 24 VDC switching Power Supply featuring IP64 protection
  • UL/C-UL recognized and NSF listed
  • Environmentally friendly, RoHS Compliant
  • 5 year warrantee
Typical Light Fixture Specifications:
Length: 48 inches
Width: 1 inch
Thickness: 5/8 inch
Input: 24 VDC
Power:  UDLF-18, 6 Watts    UDLF-36, 12 Watts
Light Output:  UDLF-18, 600 Lumens, UDLF-36, 1200 Lumens
CRI:  85
CCT:  3500
Typical Power Supply Specifications:
Model:  Meanwell PLN-100-24
Input:  100-240 VAC, 1.4 A
Output:  24 VDC, 4.0 A
Power Factor: >0.95
Efficiency: 88.5%
Ingress Protection: IP64
Safety:  UL/C-UL recognized

Advance Electronic Concepts' Universal Display Light Fixture provides vivid, homogeneous light to products in any location that makes them stand out even in the bright ambient light of a typical supermarket. The simple, cost-effective design provides abundant illumination while minimizing the annoying disability glare that can annoy customers. It does all this and can cut your display lighting energy bill by up to 60%.

Each light fixture will pay for itself in less than one year just in electricity savings alone. By running cooler than typical fluorescent light installations in refrigerated cases, it also saves on the energy required to keep a case cold by introducing far less waste heat. This ingenious light fixture is at home in refrigerated cases as well as canopies and shelves on the sales floor. A built-in thermal protection circuit insures safe operation in non-refrigerated environments. Maintenance costs are greatly reduced by the elimination of a re-lamping schedule. With a typical 100,000 hour LED lifespan, our fixtures outlast the installation. It doesn’t stop there.  With our new lightweight, snap-in-place design, retrofit installations are literally a “snap”. This means these lights can be mounted just about anywhere.  No hazardous materials are used in the construction of our lighting products, which means no more HazMat clean up for a broken bulb and no more HazMat disposal issues. Each unit is UL/cUL recognized and NSF listed.

Top of the line Samsung LEDs are the heart of this illumination system, providing superior brightness and efficiency.  A precision engineered acrylic extrusion provides both an incredibly durable housing and a secondary optic to provide proper light distribution.

This combination results in brilliant, homogeneous light that evenly illuminates your products and makes them stand out to your customers. Each unit is equipped with passive heat sinking to ensure the maximum possible lifespan. The on-board thermal protection circuit turns off the unit should it exceed its maximum safe operating temperature. Snap-in-place mounting makes for easy installation and allows you to add lighting right where you want it. Clever input circuitry means no DC polarity installation errors. Wired to the power supply in either polarity, the light will operate correctly.





20130612gp-8003Construction begins with a rugged, industrial-grade acrylic extrusion exactly formed and precision cut to length.  Added next are top-grade RoHS circuit boards utilizing a robust LED driver and Samsung LEDs.  The boards are mated with gold-plate connectors to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free operation.  All assemblies are finished with solid acrylic end caps and come with nylon snap connectors that engage the tee slot on the back of the fixture.  Every light is 100% tested.

Advance Electronic Concepts’ Universal Display Light Fixture will save you money.  It saves on installation costs.  It saves on maintenance costs.  It saves on energy costs.  It pays for itself in less than one year and will give a lifetime of top-quality operation.

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