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Advance Electronic Concepts, an industry leader of innovation, produces brilliant, user-friendly engineering achievements that turn supermarket headaches into supermarket solutions.  For many years the industry has benefitted from our numerous firsts and unique designs.  One of the company’s early solutions to a customer problem that has become a rock-solid, mature product is the Distributed Power Module.  It started as a creative way to make Distributed Power affordable for the US Supermarket Industry and has grown into a versatile product that can work with any equipment and save the user substantial amounts of money in installation and operating costs.  A more recent accomplishment has been the addition of LED lighting to the product lineup.  Using patent pending optical design and the latest LED technology, Advance Electronic Concepts introduced the Refrigerated Case Light Fixture that puts brilliant, homogeneous light right where it’s needed in a very cost-effective way.  Our latest offering is the new Universal Display Light Fixture that provides bright, even light in a unique package.  Its lightweight design and modest cost make it a very attractive solution for almost any situation.  Call us today at 207-797-9825 and find out what we can do for you!