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Control Products

Advance Electronic Concepts’ control products pay for themselves in installation savings alone. Not only do they pay for themselves, but about half of the installation savings goes right to your bottom line. Each unit is an elegant printed circuit board solution to an often messy and difficult wiring problem. No more over-priced electrical boxes filled with “spaghetti” wiring and costly DIN rail components.


Each product starts with a G7, 94V-0 rated circuit board that includes heavy duty traces and clear stencil markings to make wiring a snap. Added next are top-grade UL/C-UL recognized components sized and specified to meet your exact needs. Each assembly is precision soldered by our automated soldering system. Once complete, all units are subjected to rigorous quality control checks and are 100% tested.

  • Save money on installations

  • Decrease energy costs

  • Reduce maintenance time

  • Streamline refrigeration system operation

  • Simplify system layouts

  • Increase technician safety

  • All control products are UL/C-UL listed or recognized

Lighting Control Products

Advance Electronic Concepts has developed a patented, energy saving, motion detection system that will work with any case control system.  The CMD-120 is designed to reduce energy costs associated with the lighting systems for refrigerated cases.  Case lights remain off until the presence of a customer is detected.  Once activated, lights stay on until the customer is no longer detected and the internal time delay interval has expired.  Four different time delays may be programmed using the on board dip switch.  Each of the three sensing zones may be programmed for either high or low sensitivity to meet customer requirements.

AEC Motion 2.jpg


  • Patented, three zone sensing system  - sees your customers!

  • Full 180° detection coverage – designed specifically for supermarket applications

  • Works with a high cycling rate for reliability

  • Reduces energy consumption

  • Low profile design perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications

  • Low energy usage

  • Time delay and sensitivity settable by rear access dip switches

  • Requires MP-20 or equivalent UL Listed power supply

  • Aluminum mounting plate included

  • 120 VAC operation

AEC Motion 1.jpg


  • Time Delay:  30 seconds, 1, 6, and 8 minutes

  • Sensing Zones:  3

  • Input Voltage:  120 VAC

  • Sensitivity Settings:  High and Low for each zone

  • Power Consumption:  620mW lights on, 23mW lights off

  • Azimuth Sensing Coverage:  180°

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